Wednesday, September 24, 2008

iPhone and Google Map fun...try it!

Sorry been a while since I have written anything. But has anyone noticed or tried using profane words using Maps on the iPhone?

Here is an example search I tried today while walking around Chicago during my lunch.

Just for kicks, I typed in "Fuck" and it immediately pulled up Westin Chicago River as the primary result.

Does Westin pay Google to advertise for these searches? Or are they including these words as part of their SEO?

Here is another one of my sample searches and as you can see not a great result.
I am sure the Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama will not be happy to see this.
I am starting to believe its Google search which is broken or corrupted, resulting in these search results.
And I have been doing these searches since Gen 1 iPhone came out and kept quiet thinking maybe they will fix this.
So anyone want to take the responsibility? Google? Apple? Anyone?