Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Re-inventing the wheel ?

Wow some of these blogs seem to amaze me. They put out some cleverly typed info as if they had just invented the wheel. Or told us a secret that only they know about.

I am referring to the post on Gizmodo by Christopher Mascare titled How I sold my iPhone within 24hrs for more than what I paid. I mean Chris you must be a genius or just oblivious.

Chris goes on about selling his iPhone since the 2nd Gen iPhone is soon to be released and came up with a formula to sell his phone on Ebay of all places. He did some hardcore research on how many postings exists and how 7 day postings didn't net him good results...duh! Anyone who has ever sold anything on Fleabay knows the longer your auction is the less you make. C'mon man I thought you would know this, since you write for such a big blog. If you care to read more on this retarded blog you can read it here http://gizmodo.com/394668/how-i-sold-my-iphone-in-24-hours-for-more-than-i-paid

Well now let help Chris catch up to the rest of the world. I sold my iPhone(s) within 2 hrs of posting it each time on Craigslist for more than I paid for them. The first 8GB iPhone, I paid $250 for the phone when it was released was sold after 7 months of good use and a scratch on the back for $380! Bought few more and sold those for well over $150 in profit. And these weren't even PWND, just simply unlocked to be used with any carrier.

And wait it gets better, I didn't have to deal with any graphical listing or time frame. Didn't have to worry about scammers bidding on my item when it clearly states will not accept bids from zero feedback or Nigeria. Don't have to but I did post a picture of the item once. Didn't have to ship it anywhere in the world not knowing if it will ever get there and if it does will I become a victim of fraud? Couple of my buyers were visiting from out of country and were happy to meet me at a local establishment and paid in cash upfront!
And best of all didn't have to pay any stupid listing, ebay or paypal fees!

So this is how I sold my iPhone in 2 hours for lot more then Christopher did!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely with your philosophy re: ebay.
I won't post anything on it (my credit card info is none of their (paypal) business. I only purchase items for cash from vendors within a 40-50 minute drive. If I can't lay my hands and eyes on the item, I'm not interested.